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A Guide On Changing controls On PUBG PS4 To Your Likings

Controls on PUBG PS4 can be customized by players. Before you enter your first match on PlayStation 4, you should check all the controls and functions to get used to them. Since PUBG game supports customization on controls, players can freely change them to their likings to fit their playstyles. So now, let’s check out a guide on how to change controls of PUBG on PS4!

About PUBG for PS4

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was first released on PC and it has quickly become a famous battle royale title. Then on December 7, 2018, the game came on PlayStation 4. What makes this game title famous is it offers great graphics, unique gameplay mechanic, a wide array of features, and more.

The game is all about matches where players’ survivability is all that matters. All players have to parachute onto an island. Nobody is armed with stuff yet, so they have to find weapons, attachments, healing items, and other supplies dispersed in buildings to fight one another. The last player or the last team standing wins the match, and their prize is the Chicken Dinner with an amount of BP coins.

The gameplay of PUBG on PS4 is similar to PC. Besides this platform, players can also play the game on others, for instance, Xbox One and Mobile.

How can players change PUBG controls when playing the game on PS4?

It is easy to customize controls on PUBG PS4. Follow the steps below to customize them:

  1. First, you have to launch the game on PS4.
  2. Then, you go to the menu section where you see the Settings button.
  3. Press key X to choose it
  4. Once the controls panel has appeared, you will see some controls there, then click to change them.
  5. After changing the controls, click to save it.
Controls of PUBG on PS4
Controls of PUBG on PS4

Recommended control settings for PS4 users

Although players can change control settings to their likings, there are still some recommended control settings that players should try. Those settings may not be loved by all users, but at least they are great to play the game. Here are the control settings you should set:

  • Right Stick Dead Zone- 6
  • Left Stick Dead Zone- 6
  • Controller Button Preset- Type B
  • Vibration- Off
  • Vibration Strength- 10
  • Invert X-axis- Off
  • Invert Y-axis- On

Scalespeeder is a YouTuber who made a video about controls for PUBG on PS4. So let’s watch his video to understand more about the controls in the game!

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