Terms of Use

Terms of Use

PUBG PC Game is a website serving the fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We are an unofficial website of this battle royale game. Our intention is to provide fans and gamers with the latest news and updates of PUBG for PC.

We now bring our Terms of Use to all users of our website. Users are the people who consent to Terms of Use (the “Terms”). When you use our online services, you have to agree and stick with Terms of Service set by us. If you don’t follow the terms, you are not allowed to use our services. Thus, all users are recommended to read our Terms carefully before deciding to get access to the services on our site.

Terms of Use go along with Privacy Policy. Users must follow through the terms and privacy policy for a better experience on Pubgpcgame.com! Our Terms of Use includes the following sections:

  • Rules for users
  • Ownership
  • The use of service
  • Adverts
  • Account of users
  • Termination
  • Data protection
  • Other policies

Rules for users

  • Users must consent to Terms of Use and agree to explore the site without any illegal activities. If any illegal cases take place, users must work with PUBG PC Game to look into the cases.
  • We will ban users with bad words. We will not respond to users’ requests with threatening words.
  • Users have no right to modify, copy, and misuse content with other elements on our website.


We highly appreciate and respect the ownership on our site PUBG PC Game. All the elements of PUBG for PC, including computer code, titles, themes, objects, characters, names of characters, stories, dialogs, concepts, graphics, sounds, screen displays, etc. are possessed by their licensors. Furthermore, all the content, graphics, logos, and other elements you see on the website are owned by their creators.

The use of service

  • We are active and available for 24 hours a day throughout the whole year.
  • Users can access and use our online services anytime they want, excluding some cases that are out of our control, including war, terrorism, riots, fire, floods, cybercrimes, strikes, etc. In those cases, we may not be available and active on our website.
  • Our service can be amended and we have the right to cancel, terminate, change, or suspend the license of a user without informing them.
  • Our service may sometimes be out of reach in disadvantageous locations.


We place advertisements on our website. When users get access to news and updates of PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG Lite, they will see ads. We don’t manage the content of those ads, excluding the general types of ads put in our games. We want to ensure that no advertisements with improper content appearing on our website. In case the users encounter ads with improper content, please send us your reports via an e-mail.

Account of users

Users create an account and use it to explore our posts. Users must take responsibility for managing their personal information, particularly usernames and passwords.


The Termination section in our Terms of Use indicates how the relationship between users and our website is terminated. Users with bad actions on our site will be banned from getting access to Pubgpcgame.com. If we detect any users with threatening comments or spamming, we will take serious action.

Data protection

PUBG PC Game collects information of users when they use our website. For more information about users’ data, please read the Privacy Policy that covers the information of users collected by us, how we use the information and how we protect the personal information of users.

Other policies

  • PUBG PC Game may use Privacy Policy to include information that is not added to Terms of Service. We use Privacy Policy to maintain the safety of user interests.
  • By consenting to our Terms of Use, you also consent to the conditions and terms covered in Privacy Policy.
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be accessed at any time on our website.

Updating Terms of Use

  • Users can check out Terms of Use on com at any time.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time if necessary in order to be compatible with laws and regulations.
  • Users are recommended to keep track of the page frequently to learn any changes in time. By continuing to use our online services, you consent to the changes in Terms of Use.

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