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PUBG Update 10.1 Has Dropped A Massive Package To Close This Year As Haven Map, Pillar Force, Season 10, And More

PUBG update 10.1 this time will take the main theme of exploring the desolate land full of sandstorms. At the same time, a new Royale Pass released. Accordingly, the Elite Upgrade will cost 600UC, and the Elite Upgrade Plus is 1800UC.

Season 10 brings a whole new experience than PUBG season 9, with the latest map, Haven. But please note, Haven’s only goal is to ensure its own safety, because this time, the Lamb will be hunting for you. Ultimately, this is still the War of Survival and only one can win. Whether you choose to hide or seek, Haven’s tiny and dangerous space will give you a whole new challenge in this PUBG update.

In addition, this PUBG 10.1 patch notes also has a lot of new content that is extremely attractive, as follows:

New map in PUBG update 10.1: Haven

Haven is the smallest map in PUBG so far
Haven is the smallest map in PUBG so far

Haven map is the most remarkable update in PUBG 10.1 features. To illustrate, players will face off against each other on the dense streets and rooftops, but where they stay. However, this body is not safe at all. Players will face a new threat in matches: a hostile gang trying to fight them. This heavily armed Pillar gang is not at all pleased by your presence in their area. What is more, you need to dodge Pillar’s Detective Helicopter, which is used to track and spot survivors from the air.

For that reason, those unlucky people spotted by spotlights must move quickly to avoid the approaching Pillar Tactical Trucks, trying to quickly eliminate their targets with bullets and firepower.

In the end, players will confront the Pillar’s Guard and Commanders. Players who destroy them can get powerful equipment in the storage they keep.

Haven is a dense 1 × 1 urban map and allows up to 32 people to play at a time in Duo or 1 vs 2 modes.

The county of Haven

Iron and steel workshop in this update
Iron and steel workshop in this update

Iron and Steel Workshop: The high-rise building is in the center of the map. Capture the peak for a prime location and use the Emergency Parachute to quickly land on the ground.

The beach is no longer a place to have fun
The beach is no longer a place to have fun

Coal Beach: Located in the East of Haven, this wasteland is a trash complex that stores coal, cranes and industrial lighting systems. Although the coal fields do not have many advantageous locations, there are some good locations for you to land.

Isolated industrial park
Isolated industrial park

Industrial Park: Far north of Haven is a series of factories and foundries. Although all are abandoned, these structures are very sheltered and can make great sniping locations.

Residential: you see mostly dense, tall buildings, and crowded streets. More or less, players will have to fight through apartments and terraces in this high-risk area. But there are risks; the rewards are generous.

An ideal place for snipers  - Overpass
An ideal place for snipers – Overpass

Overpass: Running across the center of Haven, Overpass provides a convenient location and access to the rooftop. The Flyover can even shield players from Pillar’s Reconnaissance Helicopter, but you should be cautious all the time near it.

Like other maps, Haven's ports known as Pier
Like other maps, Haven’s ports known as Pier

Pier: Located to the East, a well-lit pier not only provide hiding places for players but also help them navigate through the use of a barge.

Season match

Haven is a Season Map that only appears in Season 10.

  • Haven only appeared in Season 10.
  • Viewing angle: TPP & FPP.
  • 32 players per match (no bots)
  • Double game (Duo) or 1 on two (1-man-duo) only available.
  • The time of the match is shorter than on other maps. You will earn about 70% BP compared to a full-length match on other maps.
  • You can complete Proficiency, Survivor Pass, and BattleStat progress in Haven, but your stats will not be recorded in the Achievements tab

Pillar’s Guard and Commander

AI enemies are the first and only launched in PUBG
AI enemies are the first and only launched in PUBG

Beware Pillar, a hostile gang that delivers a whole new game element, never seen in the current Battlegrounds. Guardians and Commanders are enemy forces with a very distinctive appearance. They protect certain areas of the map, acting as an additional element you will have to deal with when facing other players for a Chicken Dinner.

  • Pillar members will defend their respective areas and attack players that appear in sight.
  • Pillar’s Guards keep basic equipment, while Pillar Commanders keep top level equipment.
  • Once attacked, they send support requests to Pillar’s Reconnaissance Helicopter, then alert the Pillar Tactical Team.
  • Only appeared in Haven.

Pillar’s stock of supplies

Pillar assists players during the game but it also dangerous due to its guards
Pillar assists players during the game but it also dangerous due to its guards
  • Pillar’s Supply of Supplies will replace the relief crate, and a key is stealing.
  • The player can obtain the supply storage key from the Commanders after defeating them. Besides, after opening the vault, all players can access and steal the treasure.
  • It only appeared in Haven.

Pillar’s detective helicopter

Helicopters helps players detecting the pillars
Helicopters helps players detecting the pillars
  • Helicopters flew all over the Haven sky, spotting players in open space.
  • Detected players will be directly illuminated by a light on them and their position will be directly reported to Pillar Tactical Team. Upon receiving the information, the Pillar Tactical Team will follow the spotlights of the Pillar Reconnaissance Helicopter and attack nearby opponents.
  • Undoubtedly, only appeared in Haven.

Pillar armored vehicle

Old but gold vehicles
Old but gold vehicles
  • Specifically, this fearsome vehicle will wander around Haven and attack any player in his sights. You cannot destroy the Pillar Armored Vehicle, so if you accidentally encounter it, don’t try to resist and run away! This giant monster can even firebombs of fire to attack players hiding right in front of them.
  • The Pillar Armored Vehicle can communicate with other Pillar units, answer support calls and participate in skirmishes.
  • Only appeared in Haven.

Whether urgent

Use parachutes whenever you are in emergency
Use parachutes whenever you are in emergency
  • You can find Emergency Parachutes everywhere in Haven and you can use them to quickly jump to the ground from points of injuries caused by falls. Don’t forget to inflate the umbrella when performing a daring escape on the rooftop, because the umbrella won’t be able to come off on its own.
  • This is a single-use item that you can place in the inventory’s belt slots.
  • Only appeared in Haven.

PUBG Survivor Pass update 10.1: Breakthrough

Experience with your squads in this mode
Experience with your squads in this mode

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all the equipment needed to fight the shabby streets of Haven. With an exciting new look, based on the characters in the story and even a new hostile force, there are plenty of exciting rewards waiting for you to unlock if you can pass all 100 pass levels. Breakthrough takes about 3 months, so get started early and get all the exciting new rewards.

  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough starts on December 16, 2020, after completing live server maintenance.
    • This Survivor Pass will end on March 24 (when maintenance begins), and you will have until March 31 (when maintenance begins) to claim your Survivor Pass rewards.
  • You can only complete Killing Missions if you kill one life during a match.
  • Kills or assists accrued during the match will apply to kill or assist missions.

Types of missions

Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has the following mission types:

  • Daily mission
  • Weekly mission
  • Season Missions: There are two types of Season Missions for different weapons.
    • Mission SR
    • SG mission
  • Challenging Missions: You can complete these missions by exploring every corner of the map.

Update 10.1 ranked in PUBG

Season 10 ranked opens now
Season 10 ranked opens now

Welcome to a new season of Ranking.

Similarly, you will get season 9 ranking rewards after login. For details on these rewards please see the 9th ranked season end notice and rewards.

  • Above all, players will need to complete five ranked matches at the start of the new season.
  • Players will receive their initial rank for the season after completing their ranking matches.

The results of these ranked matches, as well as the last rank in the previous season, will use to determine the initial rank at the conclusion of ranked matches.

The season 9 rankings will finalize.

  • After the live Server maintenance period, season 9 standings will update to the final version.

Ranking update

Revised the method used to calculate RP changes in ranked matches, in order to improve player experience and reduce fatigue.

  • The overall RP gain/loss rate has been significantly increased to reduce unnecessary search time and is based on playing results relative to a player’s current rank.
  • Now, players can more accurately predict the number of games to win or lose in a row to reach a certain rank.

Additional penalties for killing a teammate

  • Now killing teammates in ranked matches also get you penalized for postponing.

Added Erangel Ferry

  • Existing Erangel ferries in normal matches will add to ranking mode and Esports mode.

PUBG update 10.1: Season reward

The following rewards will be sent based on the players’ rank at the end of the season 10

  • Grade Icon
  • Skin Mirado Season 10
  • Season 10 Parachute Skin

In version 10.1, PUBG will keep you updated on future season 10 announcements and rewards.

You will get plenty valuable rewards
You will get plenty valuable rewards

Changes to PUBG match search in update 10.1

PUBG offers a number of game modes, such as, from a standpoint, a single session that requires quite a few players to participate, which takes a lot of effort in maintaining the match creation service.

In ranking, where players compete using only their skills, analyzing and sustaining matches is crucial.

PUBG has been monitoring the combined status of ranked matches since the introduction of the solo mode in ratings and found out that players are starting to focus on the popular ranking game mode in their region. This will have positive effects in the long run as it will help reduce waiting time waiting for matches and increase the likelihood of team structure through Team Finder.

Therefore, PUBG wants to make adjustments to focus more ranked multiplayer on popular servers, and here are all the modes available in season 10.

Southeast Asia


  • Normal battle mode: Solo / Duo / Squad
  • Ranking mode: Squad


  • Normal battle mode: Solo / Duo / Squad
  • Ranking mode: Squad

The gameplay

Observe your winning stance in FPP match

  • Particularly, now you can turn to the TPP perspective after winning an FPP match to celebrate your victory more happily.
  • Back then, it wasn’t easy to see your winning stance and awesome outfit after winning a match in FPP.
  • After that, use the Observation Toggle Key (V) to switch to TPP perspective and celebrate your victory.

Improved health enhancement animation

  • Firstly, to liven up the booster’s effects, the Heal icon animation speed now changes between 4-speed ranges based on your boost level,
  • Secondly, a quick reminder of the 4 levels of enhancement and effects of each level:
    • Level 1, 2: Restores 1 HP and 2 HP every 8 seconds
    • Up to level 3: Restores 3 HP every 8 seconds and adds an additional 2.5% character speed boost
    • Level 4: Restores 4 HP every 8 seconds and adds a 5% increase in character speed

There are many additional update in PUBG 10.1

Mastery medal

Medal is like a reward in your carrier
Medal is like a reward in your carrier

The new proficiency medal is now available.

Previously, it was difficult to get weapon proficiency medals and showing off medals to other players was not easy. more optical.

You can earn Proficient medals for meeting specific conditions in matches, so do your best and achieve good results!

  • See the Medals for Proficiency in Achievements – Medals.
  • There are Battle, Survival, and Anniversary medals. Moreover, you can receive up to 15 medals.
  • You can upgrade the appearance of the Proficiency Medals earned to the new look after specific conditions have been met.
  • You can earn medals in both normal and ranked mode.
    • There are medals you can continue to earn in a single match when the conditions are met, and there are medals you can only earn one per match.
  • The Match Results screen has been updated to show the medals you and your teammates have earned.
  • Existing Weapon Proficiency medals will be removed and their details will also be removed from the match result.

Expression in the lobby

  • So far, players can now use Expressions in the Hall to show off to their friends.
  • Open the expression ring using the assigned hotkey or the Expression shortcut. The selected emoticon will be played until the emote ring disappears. You can cancel the activated emoticon by pressing RMB.
  • Available in Regular Match and Practice mode halls. Not available in Ranked Match.

Customization – Pre – Installed outfits

Costume Preset has 3 default colors: Red, blue, white
Costume Preset has 3 default colors: Red, blue, white

PUBG introduces the Costume Preset feature. Change clothes before entering the match on the map you are playing.

You can easily change the preset
You can easily change the preset
  • Save the character’s costume presets in the Lobby – Customize menu. More importantly, players can use up to 5 sets of presets.
  • 1 free set and 4 sets obtained from the Survival Pass reward or purchased from the Store.
You can change clothes items in every preset
You can change clothes items in every preset
  • Players can activate the Costume Preset while on the warm-up island, before the game starts
  • After the game starts, the Costume Preset will be blocked
  • After entering a match, players can choose a Preset by opening the stock and selecting the Preset Outfit at the bottom.
    • You probably will not see the visual change immediately, but don’t worry – the skin will be ready as soon as the match starts.

Interface / Experience

  • Costume Preview improvements
    • Added a dress / take off function during preview.
  • The Payment interface has been improved
    • The amount of G-coins that the player owns will be displayed in the payment method appearing upon purchase.
    • Streamline the buying process so that players can buy G-Coins instantly when they don’t have enough G-Coins.
      • Players can decide how many G-Coins they need and purchase the required amount immediately.
  • Make changes to make it easier to distinguish the BP and G-Coin symbols.
  • Custom menus have been improved
    • Wallpaper changed for the Custom menu
    • Added tooltips for Expression cards
    • Added Rides and Ships filters to Custom – Vehicle – Other menus.
  • Improved function to skip introduction video when launching.
    • Players can skip the trailer by pressing the skip button while the video is playing.
  • Improved look and feel of certain cards.
  • UI improvements have been made in the Custom Match lounge.

Utilities improvements

System menu improvements

Make your suitable gameplay in system menu
Make your suitable gameplay in system menu

Currently, opening the system menu while in a game will display more useful information.

  • Regular match
  • Along with the existing system menu, a list of teammates and Voice Chat settings and a task list are also displayed.
  • In Solo Battles mode, only quest list is displayed.
  • Ranking mode
    • Along with the existing system menu, the list of teammates, Kills / Assists and Voice Chat settings as well as a list of Survivor Pass missions will be displayed.
    • Allied Kill / Assists stats are only displayed in Ranking Mode.
  • Arcade – TDM
    • It can be up to 10 team members displayed along with the Survivor Pass mission list
  • Matching customization
    • You are able to see a list of 10 members of your team.
  • The Team Management Menu was previously removed, as you can now view information immediately in the System Menu.

Improved on-screen keystroke guide

  • Added an option to display more advanced key commands, rather than just covering the basic commands.
  • In Settings, scroll down to choose How to Play then choose the On-Screen Key Guide button. There are 2 options: Basic Key Guide and Advanced Key Guide.
  • Basic – Displays key basic commands for players new to FPS games, including PUBG.
  • Advanced – Displays advanced key commands for players who have played FPS but are not familiar with playing PUBG.


  • The interface sound in the lobby has been improved.


  • PUBG made changes to Sanhok’s weather, reduced overall brightness and rebalanced the color palette along with improvements to the internal elements.
Sanhok before and after adjustment
Sanhok before and after adjustment

Team DeathMath – Customizable starter kit

Choose Custom Spawn Kit at the bottom right corner to customize your weapons
Choose Custom Spawn Kit at the bottom right corner to customize your weapons
  • This new feature allows you to customize your Starter Kit in Team Deathmatch mode.
  • Each weapon can be customized with the “Customize a Kit” button on the Starter Kit or score page settings page.
  • Store up to five custom starter kits.
  • Choose a Starter Kit on the scoreboard.
  • Categories for Starter Kit are SG / SMG / AR / DMR / SR / VV
  • However, if you choose not to use a Custom Starter Kit, the following items are provided by default: M416 / Beryl / M24 / SLR / Vector.


Importantly, reduced player lag when starting on the plane and optimized user interface.

PUBG provides new skins and items in this 10.1 update version

Firstly, Christmas Kit 2020 – 7 items, 23 individual items

Promotion period: after maintenance completed 12/16/2020 – start maintenance completed 13/01/2021.

You can disguise as Santa Clause or Snow Queen
You can disguise as Santa Clause or Snow Queen

Secondly, New Year outfit 2021 – 8 items in set, 29 individual items

  • Promotion period: after maintenance completed December 30, 2020 – maintenance commenced on February 24, 2021.
  • Celebrate the New Year of the Ox with cow outfits!
Wear a squads uniform with dairy cows costumes
Wear a squads uniform with dairy cows costumes

Thirdly, G-COIN Package – 1 set item with G-Coin

  • Promotion period: after maintenance completed December 16, 2020 – maintenance commenced on March 31, 2021.

Last but not least, 17SHOU SKIN PACKAGE – 1 set item, 3 separate items

  • Promotion period: after maintenance completed January 7, 2021 – maintenance starts completed April 1, 2021
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