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PUBG Season 9 Brings Paramo Map, New Theme For Survivor Pass, New Ranked Mode, And More

PUBG Season 9 is coming! The new season is expected to arrive on October 21, 2020, bringing new elements, for instance, a new ranked season, survivor pass, and a brand new map.

Season 9 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could be a long-waited season when gamers have been expecting to enjoy some new things rather than going with the current ones in PUBG Season 8. So now, let’s get into new content and see what changes the game brings to players!

PUBG Season 9 release date

As mentioned above, the new season of PUBG PC will be launched on October 21. This release date is set for PC users. If you are a console user, you have to wait for the game to arrive on October 29. Two months is the period of time for the game to last. The new season is not the same as the previous one. Instead, it features plenty of new content, for instance, two battle passes, a brand new even mode, a new map, etc.

PUBG Season 9 Update
PUBG Season 9 Update

A new ranked mode is waiting for players in the new season of PUBG

Get ready to explore the Ranked Solo queue! Now, players can take part in Ranked Battlegrounds to compete against other solo opponents. The goal for you here is to reach high ranks!

Once PUBG Season 9 starts, players will take part in a new ranked season. Once you have logged into the game, you will receive ranked rewards you obtained from Season 8. However, one thing you should know is that your ranks and leaderboards will be reset in the new season. After 5 placement matches, you will get the first rank.

New map in PUBG

Gamers will now conquer matches in Paramo – a brand new map in the new season. Paramo is a volcano-themed map with highlands that are covered by fog. It also features some other cool elements that make it a must-play map.

Paramo map in PUBG Season 9
Paramo map in PUBG Season 9

PUBG Paramo is a map with an area of 3×3. It opens a dynamic world for gamers to vanquish. Due to this world system, areas between matches receive changes. Hence, you will feel a fresh experience whenever you play in Paramo.

The special thing about this new map is that it is a Seasonal Match for the new season only. No bots are found in Seasonal Match. Also, there is no Battlestat feature in the match either. However, you will have missions to complete.

There are 64 players in total in Paramo. You can play in squads with TPP only. There are no Red Zones appearing on the map. For the Blue Zone, it reduces its size gradually. However, the amount of damage it deals is higher than other PUBG maps. For the vehicles, the map only features motorcycles and you will see them spawn near small villages.

PUBG Season 9 releases a new Survivor Pass: Highlands

Highlands is the official theme of Survivor Pass in Season 9. It brings a wide array of new looks that you should visit to explore the mysteries of Paramo. There are 50 levels that players have to complete for rewards in this survivor pass. The pass lasts around 2 months and it brings great Paramo-themed rewards to players.

To buy PUBG Survivor Pass: Highlands, you have to spend 990 G-Coin or $9.99. If you don’t want to pay with real money, you should try to attempt to get 1,000 G-Coin via rewards in the pass. Once you have got the G-Coin rewards, you will use the pass for free.

Above are all outstanding content featured in season 9 of PUBG PC. For detailed features, improvements, changes, and bug fixes, you can read the full patch notes showing all content by heading over to the official page of PUBG.


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