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PUBG Season 10 Is Expected To Be The Biggest Hit In Order To Close 2020 With Many Special Features

PUBG season 10 is the newest season so far. PUBG is constantly evolving to retain loyal players with so many ups and downs. Meeting the needs of players, in this PUBG season 10 release date, they will bring up a new and more interesting map.

Heaven is set in an abandoned industrial park in the Ohio valley and the Rust Belt of America. This is a 1×1 map, which means this is the smallest map ever. Maximum 32 players in a narrow space filled with houses, players will still have to loot survival equipment and be ready to fight at any time.

Haven is a seasonal map
Haven is a seasonal map

What included in the new map in PUBG Season 10?

As the title says, the map PUBG Haven season 10 will be more special than the previous maps. In addition to fighting other survivors, you also have to watch out for a spy helicopter and armored truck with a machine gun. Helicopters will have searchlights to identify aliens that are invading the valley. Soon the armored vehicle will come to you and shoot frantically. Players can either return shot or hide depending on the situation. But believe me, you don’t want to see it.

In these PUBG maps, players can parachute to land safely from towering abandoned buildings. No more floor climbing to get tired of climbing, now just climb and fall. However, it is highly likely that this feature can only be used a few times because no one who wants to get to the near-end circle will be shot down like a bird.

AI enemies increase the game's level
AI enemies increase the game’s level

The developer that has shared this Heaven map has a “smarter” NPC than the others. Helicopters and armored vehicles will hunt you down to the end and will not ignore them if you show up in front of them on purpose.

Ending a turbulent year for PUBG update with many new products to please fans. There is plenty more in update 10.1, including different gameplay, Sanhok updated, new maps with new enemies, etc. You can visit our website to check the update 10.1 patch notes for full details.

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