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PUBG Mobile Season 16 Releases A Wide Range Of Tier Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 16 introduces unique rewards based on players’ tiers. The new season is coming, and gamers may feel so excited about what they will receive after reaching new tiers.

Players have been through lots of PUBG Mobile seasons. Each season comes with a different Royale Pass theme. Rewards that players will get are based on the tiers they have reached. Therefore, it is important to know all season 16 tier rewards, for instance, outfits, weapon skins, parachute skins, etc. Once knowing them, you can try your best to increase your tier to get them!

All about PUBG Mobile Season 16 tier rewards that players should try to get

Rewards for bronze-ranked players

Season 16 Bronze tier rewards

Once you have got to the Bronze tier in season 16, you will get 200 silver fragments. Since this is the lowest tier, you will not get any other rewards besides those silver fragments.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 rewards for silver-ranked players

All rewards for the silver rank in season 16

Similar to the bronze tier rewards, when you reach the Silver rank, you also get silver fragments. However, at this tier, you receive 400 fragments instead of 200.

Rewards for reaching the Gold rank

New outfit for Gold-ranked players

As soon as you get to the Gold tier in PUBG Mobile Season 16, you will receive 600 silver fragments along with a unique outfit. Try the new outfit on your character to make him/her nicer.

Season 16 rewards for players who have reached the Platinum tier

A new mask for Platinum-ranked players

800 silver fragments is the first reward that players get once they have got to the Platinum tier. This reward also comes with a matching mask. You can put this mask on your character for a cool look!

Rewards for players who have got to the Diamond tier

Diamond tier rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 16
Diamond tier rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 16

Silver fragment is a common reward for players when they get to a new level. Now, at the Diamond tier, players will receive 1000 silver fragments. Another reward they will get is a unique skin for a Thompson SMG. Feel free to purchase more weapon skins or colorful attires using the silver fragments you have received!

About Crown-ranked rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 16

The Crown tier in PUBG Mobile Season 16

Crown tier is one of the three highest tiers in the game. When you reach this tier in season 16, you will have 1300 silver fragments. Make use of these fragments to get new items in the shop. Besides free fragments, you also receive three rating protection cards.

In PUBG Mobile, rating protection cards are kind of crucial to use since you can use them to avoid having negative ranking points while you are putting your effort into reaching more tiers.

Ace-ranked rewards for players

New parachute skin for the Ace-ranked players
New parachute skin for the Ace-ranked players

When you have reached this tier, you are already a tough player! It will not be easy to get to the Ace tier in season 16 of PUBG Mobile. However, once you get to it, you will be titled as Season Ace. Also, you will receive a cool Season Ace name tag. Together with that title, a unique Ace parachute as well as 1600 silver fragments will be given to you as well.

Rewards for Conqueror-tiered players

The most elite Conqueror frame in season 16 of PUBG Mobile
The most elite Conqueror frame in season 16 of PUBG Mobile

There are already many tiers in PUBG Mobile, but the Conqueror tier is the most elite tier that gamers always want to achieve no matter how hard it can be. You will get this tier only when you become one of the top 500 players of each server. There are two main rewards for you: the Season Conqueror title and Season Conqueror name tag. Other PUBG Mobile rewards for Conqueror-tiered players are Mythic Team effect and 2000 silver fragments. Feel free to get them all and immerse yourself in the pool of rewards, which is worth the effort you put into this ranking!

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