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PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5: New Weapon MG3, Futuristic Erangel & More

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5 is the next version of PUBG after the Alpha Test is closed. When players still do not experience all the newest gameplay in the PUBG Mobile version 1.4, the developer of PUBG decides to release the next version. It becomes a hit in the PUBG player community and also the game community. In this article, I will list some PUBG Mobile 1.5 new things for you to know.

The new feature in the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.5

A lot of gamers become so excited for the PUBG Mobile update version after the PUBG New State close the Alpha version. Of course that PUBG Mobile 1.5 gets a lot of new features so that it may make the game become more interesting and attract more people to play it.

One of the new features released in this PUBG Mobile 1.5 is the new Light Machine gun (LMG) MG3. You will have a chance to use it while the gun which is long-serving LMG M249 will be ban from the airdrop. One of the interesting things about the LMG MG3 is that it has 2 modes of shooting mode 666rmp and 990 rmp. The first mode is quite the same as the old gun LMG M249, but the 990rmp mode makes this gun become a monster with the largest rate in this game when PUBG Mobile 1.5 release day is coming.

New Weapon MG3 in PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update
New Weapon MG3 in PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update

New Matrix Arena Mode

New Vehicle is Hyperlines Added PUBG Mobile 1.5
New Vehicle is Hyperlines Added PUBG Mobile 1.5
  • Hyperline: the newest vehicle in this Matrix Arena. You can know where and the routes which marked on the map. Each tramcar also has two ways and it will stop when it gets to the station to pick the people up. And how many time that will show in the station
  • Tactical Telescope: This thing will give you a longer and larger view for you to play. It also lets you know how far from you to your enemies.
  • The anti-gravity Motorcycle: The new vehicle which will fly near the ground. Moreover, this is so cool and fast, it will give you a new experience while playing it. Moreover, this car has two places for one driver and one passenger.
  • General Guardian: a robot has the shape of a dog. It works like a radar scanner and it will help you go locate high standard supplies in the surrounding
  • Riot shield: It just like the shield that you try from the PUBG New State Alpha test.
  • Air conveyor Launcher: it helps the player to launch in the air and then you can fly to the place you want without die of falling
  • Victory Statue start to add for the winner at the end of the battle

The PUBG Mobile 1.5 also has a new feature called Matrix Arena in the Erangel map. In this time, in the map Erangel in the year 2051, where automatic is the thing that controls many things. Let get a view about this.

New gameplay

Another thing in PUBG Mobile beta 1.5 patch notes is the gameplay. Those new things will help you to know more and play the game better. Some features like a low-HP warning will save you and keep you away from dying of unknowing. There are also have a thing like automatic that will lead you to the marked location when you are AFK.

Moreover, the light effect and graphics also upgraded to make the game more realistic and you will have a better experience

How to download PUBG Mobile 1.5 APK

If you find out you are interested in this PUBG Mobile 1.5 but still do not own one to try, so I will guide you on how to download PUBG Mobile 1.5 APK.

  • First, you can download PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta APK file from link below.
  • Then, let go to dowload folder, open and start to install it to your device
  • Finally, open the app, follow the guide and enjoy this Beta version.
Download PUBG Mobile 1.5 APK

Above are new things from PUBG Mobile 1.5 Beta. Hope this article will help you and provide you a good view of this game. Wish you have a great time while enjoying this version of PUBG

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