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New PUBG PC Update 9.2 with new vehicles, shooting while driving features

PUBG PC Update 9.2 has been tested in many countries. In it, there are many strategic changes and increased new experience for players. Get ready for a new PUBG Download to enjoy this big update!

PUBG PC Update 9.2 Gameplay

New vehicle: Off-road motorcycle

A huge update related to motor
A huge update related to motor

This is a new compact version of PUBG Season 9 with a big update related to the motor. Yet, not only that, but this vehicle also has an independent clutch system to revive the engine, an improved suspension for all-terrain, and a few other interesting features that you won’t have to wait too long to explore, apart from a lot of new updates that we will provide you in the future.

This new vehicle will appear on all maps, except Karakin, and it will replace 50% of motors. Please stay tuned for their excellent performances. Off-road motors will be available in Regular Matches, Custom Matches, and Practice modes.


  • The highest speed can reach 130 km/h.
  • The Shock Absorber system offers outstanding performance compared to other vehicles.
  • High mobility can disconnect clutch when using handbrake to block automatic transmission, allowing quick turns while preserving revs and engine momentum.
  • New ability to change speed with shift and ctrl key, accelerating, or braking.

New PUBG PC Update 9.2 feature: shooting while driving

Drivers now can use guns while driving
Drivers now can use guns while driving

PUBG PC Update 9.2 has been a long-awaited feature, and we’re delighted to finally introduce to everyone this new update: shooting while driving in the game! The new system allows you to fire while driving and still in control of the vehicle (although reloading will be slower than normal). This function is available for most vehicles and has a few restrictions that you can read below. We’re excited to see new play styles coming out thanks to these additions, so please let us know how you feel! Drivers can now draw guns, load ammunition, and fire pistols while still controlling the vehicle. Power assist will decrease slightly when drivers reload. This new feature will be available for all vehicles, except for boats and BRDM armored vehicles.

All PUBG PC Update 9.2 secondary weapons

  • Increase damage ratio when hitting the head: 2.0 → 2.1
  • Increase chi damage factor: 1.0 → 1.05
  • Reduce the target deviation factor (targeting is now more accurate)
  • Increase the laser pointer deviation coefficient of 0.3 → 0.5. This is to counteract the shift mentioned above, making pistols generally more accurate but not entirely dependent on the laser pointer.
  • Tummy twisting has increased from 0.6 to 0.8. This makes it less accurate
  • You can move more flexibly and faster in ADS mode.
  • The viewfinder’s target-tracking speed has also been improved from 1.8 to 2.0
  • ADS mode speed factor improved from 1.6 → to 2.0
  • Shoot more precisely when moving
  • Increase the collation speed while moving on the map (you can increase the movement speed or decrease this stat if needed.

Increase ADS stability on the move (reduces weapon shake due to movement):


  • Fully automatic shotgun (P18C, Skorpion): 0.2 → 0.7
  • Revolvers have been significantly changed
  • Shooting much more accurately while on the move makes this gun even more reliable.
  • Reduced motion deviation coefficient: 1.7 → 1.4
  • Minimum reference speed increase for motion deviation (speeds equal to or lower than motion deviation are not applicable): 160 → 250


  • Damage increased from 62 to 64
  • The ROF increases from 150 RPM to 300 RPM
  • The target deviation is much lower than before because you cannot attach lasers to it. This means its default precision should be higher.


  • Increase damage: 55 → 65
  • P92
  • Damage reduction: 35 → 34
  • Increase ROF: 444 RPM → 600 RPM


  • Increase damage: 41 → 42
  • Deagle
  • Increase ROF: 240 RPM → 300 RPM
  • Sawed-off
  • Base sample rate decreased: 1.45 → 1.2
  • Reducing choke difference ratio (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8
  • Increase damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55


  • Expansion Mag can now be equipped.

Other PUBG PC Update 9.2 updates

Updated damage caused by lava

The method of dealing with damage dealt near the edge of the lava was enhanced. At present, lava damage deals more exactly when the player connects with the mucus surface. Now the Gas Can will explode when they come into contact with the lava. Besides, the excess gases will ignite when it comes into contact with the lava.

Battle Bride Pass

The Battle Bride Pass is a brand new pass that focuses on a single character and a seasonal theme. Follow in the footsteps of Sadiya, the legendary hero of Karakin, and let you unlock some of her iconic skins you’ve seen in our motion comics. Clear the Battle Bride progresses independently of the Survivor Pass and there are 15 levels to finish by taking XP from battles. If you’re looking for some unique Sadiya looks, opt for the Battle Bride Pass!

The Battle Bride Pass would be run from November 18 (KST) to December 16 (KST), even until the server maintenance ends. The Battle Bride Pass period lasts 28 days from the date of purchase.

New feature: Team Finder

Team Finder is a new experience that lets you connect with many players at the same time before a match starts instead of being randomly matched in zones field before the game. You can notify your teammates about your specific geolocation and can let other players nearby know that you need assistance. Team Finder will consider your chosen game mode and language settings, so you know you’ll be right where you want it if you’re looking for some squad game that doesn’t have the element of pure randomness.


Team Finder will automatically be set based on your chosen game mode, viewing angle, and language settings. The microphone settings are determined automatically after checking that the active microphone is connected. Make sure voice input is turned on and not muted. PUBG 9.2 Patch Notes must also be granted access to your microphone through your operating system. Search and explore in Team Finder based on your local area. Team finder also has the ability to show all players with the same perspective or mode. Of course, when using Team Finder, you will have to join ranked matches, and only people of your level can join.

New feature: Chat system in lobby

Another new way of communicating with your groups is the new lobby chatbox. You will now have a text chat with your team before entering the game and dropping into Battlegrounds. The lobby chat has spam, advertising, and language abuse filters and allows you to report anyone misusing it. Right now, Lobby Chat is only available on the PC version of the game.

Vikendi quality update

The direction of the armored buildings was tilted too much to one side of the map’s periphery. Therefore, the safe areas you can jump in will be mostly in the map center. The release has eliminated the surrounding unimportant objects. In particular, many farms and fields have been eliminated. The number of buildings has been more and more diverse. This allows for more battles to take place on a larger and more frequent scale. The rocky hills on the west side of the factory were replaced with grass hills for transport. Objects that interfere with movement are also reduced in frequency.


Dirt Bike themed item – 4 set items, 15 individual items (Released on 11/18)

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