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PUBG PC Season 8 Brings Crucial Changes To Your Gameplay

PUBG PC Update 8.1 is now live, therefore players should feel excited about this latest update bringing amazing changes with unique content. The remarkable point of update 8.1 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC is that it brings Sanhok back to players. PC players can try playing matches in Sanhok for now, while Console players must wait for it later, which is on July 30.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into outstanding changes, content, and new features brought to you by the latest update of PUBG PC free download.

PUBG Season 8 Release Date
PUBG Season 8 Release Date

What’s new in PUBG PC Season 8?

Sanhok landmark changes

Sanhok Weapon
Sanhok Weapon

PUBG PC Sanhok marked its return by changing several popular locations on the map. The return of Sanhok was one of the most outstanding features of PUBG PC’s 8.1 update. The development team wants to turn Sanhok into an overgrown paradise, which is why they decided to alter some prominent areas to make them look more impressive, which helps draw the attention of players. Below here are the changed areas that you should visit:

  • Bootcamp
  • Quarry
  • Airfield (formerly known as Mongnai)
  • Getaway (formerly known as Docks)
  • Ruins
  • Mountain
  • Cave
  • River
  • Pai Nan / Khao / Sahmee / Kampong
  • Bhan

Sanhok is one of the best PUBG PC maps. On the occasion of Sanhok receiving landmark changes, why don’t you take a tour to it to enjoy the new landscapes?

Loot Truck

Loot Truck in PUBG PC Season 8
Loot Truck in PUBG PC Season 8

PUBG PC 8.1 also comes with a new feature called Loot Truck, which is also a unique thing you cannot wait to try. Loot Truck in PUBG PC Season 8 is an autonomous cargo vehicle that helps players collect gear easily. Loot truck gives many weapons and items, thus, you have to deal damage to it if you want to loot them. When it takes damage, it will drop some loot. Most of the weapons dropped by the trucks are ready-to-use ones. You don’t have to find suitable attachments or nice skins for them, just pick up then use them for your match!

Jerry Cans

Jerry Cans in Season 8 Update
Jerry Cans in Season 8 Update

PUBG PC Season 8 releases the upgraded Jerry Cans changes! Jerry Cans should have been added to PUBG PC update 7.2, but now, it arrives in update 8.1. Also, there was an alteration made to the ranked mode so the given points are calculated based on the ranking of the team rather than your personal performance.

PUBG PC 8.1 Survivor Pass: Payback

Every PUBG PC season introduces a brand new Survivor Pass. Therefore, players should be ready to explore Survivor Pass: Payback which brings almost 100 new skins. Make your way through the renovated island of Sanhok for a chance of getting new skins. You can obtain exclusive skins for weapons and face paints, but first, you must finish special missions. Another special thing is if you play the game every day, you can even gain 7200 XP per day!

Skins & Items

Season 8 of PUBG PC comes with a wide range of skins and items for players to unlock, including:

  • Starfairy Weapon Set
  • Full Corgi Helmet Set
  • Corgi Backpack Set
  • Corgi Crew Backpack (Level 3)
  • Victory Dance 22 (starting from July 29th)

That’s all you need to know for a new update for PUBG PC free download. If you find it interesting enough, quickly download the new version of the PUBG PC game now to experience it all!

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