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PUBG New State New Features: Top 10 New Interesting Updates

Maybe you do not know all the new features in PUBG New State. This game always is one of those hot gam and attractive to many players. To meet the need of the gamers, this game is upgraded one by one to make them satisfied and appeal to more people. And now you are excited when PUBG New State has the day to release. In this article, I will list those 10 new PUBG New State features.

The first PUBG New State new features: New map

One of the new features in this PUBG New State is the map Troi. This map will be an 8×8 island, which is quite the same as the Erangel map. However, this map looks like a mixture between Erangel and Miramar in the PUBG Mobile which arrays of terrains including hills, valleys, streams, and also flat plain. You can say those things is so familiar to the old gamer, but when it mixed together, this map still brings enough fun for people to experience and play it with their allies by providing various fight scenarios.

Update in electronic cars of PUBG New State

Electronic Cars
Electronic Cars

Although there are many cars in this game, the developer still decides to add another type of car to bring a new experience for the gamer. This new brand car will run by electronic from electric batteries which randomly appear on the map. And just like other cars, if you want to run it, you need to collect the batteries and make sure that the car has enough batteries to run.

However, it does not differ too much from other cars and just another type of car for you to choose and drive.

This PUBG New State game got new mode: Team up Squad

In this mode, now you can move in a Squad with 4 people is the largest squad. If one of your allies has killed, you still can revive him to keep Squad has 4 people. This mode makes the game become easier and have more fun when now you can rely on your friends and do not have to fight alone anymore. However, this mode will not be released as the main mode of PUBG and it just a mode that makes the game fun when playing with a friend.

Team up Squad mode
Team up Squad mode

New Store: Drone Store

Now you can run around the map and gather the Drone Credits and use it to buy the Drone in Store. You can follow the Credits and then buy one Drone. If you collect enough of them, the Drone will be sent to your location.

New item: Green Flair Gun

You can use this item to revive one of your allies. You can get Green Flair Gun from Drone Store or collect it from the field drop. When your ally has died for 90 secs or more, you can use this item to call a plane that will revive that player and let them into the battlefield with nothing in their carriage. With this, you just can only revive one another player but maybe it will help you have a PUBG New State highlight cause you are helped.

New Update in Troi: Trams

In a huge map like Troi, it would be difficult to move between that area. So the developer set trams in this map. Players can use it to move between spots faster and better. Although those trams are can not destroy, you will receive huge damage if attacked while using it.

New Map Troi in PUBG New State
New Map Troi in PUBG New State

New item: Deployable Shields

Now you can get those shields from the Drone store. It will protect you if you are hind behind it. That shield can suffer a lot of damage and keep you safe. However, if you set it, you can not move it anywhere anymore. Still, these shields will help you to revive better in the battle. Moreover, it has two-size, normal or extra-large. and if you have enough things to purchase it, so let get it.

New function: Functional Vehicle Door

This thing will help you to attach the enemies inside the car better because now you can swing it freely. They are also used as a shield to cover yourself and get a lot of damage for you. Now you can get it in the trunk of the car.

New Drone: Search Drones

This drone will help you search the enemies from the air. In this game, know where your opponents are getting a huge advantage so this drone will help you a lot. However, you can not both control your character and your drone, so let decide where to use it smartly.

Now you get viper a-spec sight

This is the new type of sight that allows you to see the future. However, you will not get too much information about this view. But if you can use it correctly, it will help you get a highlight in this PUBG New State.

10 things above are updates of the PUBG. I hope it will help you to get better about the game. Now you can get PUBG Mobile 2 download on both AppStore or CHPlay. Wish you a great time playing.

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