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Our comparison between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console to find out the winner

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console have similarities and differences in several respects. When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had the first breakout success moment on Steam, I played it to experience it and didn’t understand how to play, but it’s fun to drive around the vast map on a motorbike nonetheless. So, above are PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console news to compare.

Fast – forward to today, and the gaming scene has been very different. PUBG is now available on almost every platform. It has opened up a whole new genre of shooters, one that virtually every major publisher scrambled to capitalize on, with other degrees of success. Together.

But PUBG persists, whether it’s on PC, Console, or mobile. PUBG still requires many players, a dedicated follower, and makes a lot of money. And you know, PUBG is now welcoming a bunch of new players to the game, including on PUBG Mobile with its new Era 1.0 update and on Console with the game now available for free via PlayStation Plus.

But the big question is whether you are really interested in this game, and in that case, you should consider the controversial console port or the portable adaptation built for the purpose. You can’t go too far no matter which way you go, but in this tutorial, I’ll go through some pros and cons for both.

Picture between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

The latest version of the PUBG mobile 1.0 update has brought users the biggest reform ever in terms of graphics. And of course, this is extremely necessary to create a competitive advantage over other competitors. In this version, the environments and textures of the game have increased in quantity and quality. Specifically, in Erangel, this most famous PUBG map has been upgraded to a whole system to be more suitable for the PC version.

The launch of PUBG mobile is indispensable to meet the needs of the market. Its initial release, however, wasn’t overly surprising and had the disadvantage of being in sync with the PC version. This is what causes many difficulties for players. Now, with this latest version, you will get more utilities than ever. The graphics selection is integrated for easy compatibility with low – end machines and low RAM. PUBG mobile at this time is almost the best game on mobile.

Compared to its console version on the PS4, PUBG mobile seems to be at a disadvantage in terms of graphics. Character moves are at the highest level in the console version. The map syncs evenly with the actual character moves.

Its PS4 version is also the most appreciated version evef perfection when it has been tested and patched a lot of bugs before. Experts also rate this as a much more visually superior version of its competitor PUBG mobile.

Efficiency between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

The efficiency between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console
The efficiency between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

This has a lot to do with the type of device you are using. If you own a version of PUBG console then you will have a frame with more stable resolution and much higher quality. It will present you with 30FPS. However, at the present time, the number 30FPS is almost obsolete when compared to other games Apex Legends at 60FPS, 30FPS.

Meanwhile, PUBG mobile has more customization with frames that can be raised higher if your device allows. Of course, this still can’t reach 60FPS. This Pubg latest update improves this by allowing you to go up to 60FPS or more, depending on how well your phone’s processor chip can handle it.

And of course, once you’ve tried playing with 60FPS on your phone, it’s clear that you won’t be able to play on the old console version anymore.

Play modes between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

The Play modes between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console
The Play modes between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

The game modes are almost unchanged. It still has familiar modes like battle royale Solo / Duo / Squad like the previous version. However, this new version of PUBG also incorporates another mode for you to experience more interestingly. On console, by contrast, you have less choice when you only have the basic battle royale mode in first and third person. .

However, the disadvantage of PUBG mobile is its difficulty. it seems pretty easy to play compared to the PC version of PUBG and sometimes this makes players boring.


The UX between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console
The UX between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Console

PUBG is a game where you have to control the mouse extremely flexible. Therefore, porting such a game to console was not easy; the design team took a lot of time to come up with the idea and execute it.

Right now, the console version is almost complete in every way. However, it will certainly take a long time to get used to the complex key combinations of gaming controllers. Confusion can happen on a regular basis even among professional players. You will probably forget some D – pad buttons, throw the wrong grenade, or accidentally swap a gun with you. In particular, each handle’s button controls more than one feature. There are a lot of features integrated into the same button and you have to get used to it.

In PUBG mobile, you will have a superior optimization of UX – UI. Any animations you want are displayed on the screen and you won’t be as confused in looting or mistaking your items as in the console version. Besides, PUBG download is completely free worldwide on Appstore or CH play.


So what is my conclusion here? Honestly, it’s a mix. PUBG on console totally feels like a more refined and “serious” version to play, but it also feels a bit more difficult to play than what you might see on PC. By contrast, PUBG Mobile is built for mobile and is better than ever since the New Era 1.0 update. And, you could 

So, in the end, I’m not sure what more advice I would advise, but for sure you will get an ideal experience and more suitable with PUBG Mobile.

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