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PUBG Haven Map Is A Seasonal Mode With Smaller Scale Of Areas And Updated Gameplay

PUBG Haven map will be included in season 10, it will be coming out with many new features that are waiting for gamers. This game has revolutionized the Battle Royale genre and has steadily increased the number of fans around the world. And now it gives us a lot of surprises.

In the PUBG season 10 release date, it is about to launch its live server. Moreover, to commemorate the occasion, PUBG is releasing a brand new map called Haven. What if you want to know more? Then, you cannot miss this article.

PUBG season 10 is going to begins in this winter
PUBG season 10 is going to begins in this winter

PUBG launched a unique map named Haven

Haven will be the smallest map in this PUBG updated at a size of 1×1 km, replacing Karakin. For this purpose, this is probably the current trend, with the number of PUBG gamers decreasing. Furthermore, the maps have shrunk from the usual 8×8 km of Erangel to 4×4 Sanhok, 2×2 Karakin, and now to 1×1 Haven. Given its size, the maximum number of gamers on the map is just 32.

Haven Map have small area
Haven Map have small area

To illustrate, the map will be a vast industrial city complete with factories, tall buildings, and residential areas, you could say it’s the version of the cities that usually appear in other PUBG maps.

New item

Firstly, a new hostile faction of AI called “the Pillar” will be the focus of this map. There will be a helicopter moving in the sky and dangerous attackers are moving across the map in armored trucks.

Secondly, the helicopter is actually an easily detectable object below. Otherwise, if you detected it, it will shine a ray of light to attract armored trucks to your location.

PUBG is adding a new map with AI enemies hunting for gamers
PUBG is adding a new map with AI enemies hunting for gamers

In addition, there are AI guards protect aluable supply stores across the map , and more interestingly, you must fight them for the item.

However, in among PUBG maps, Haven currently a seasonal nature and restricted to solo play. It will leave the game after season 10 ends.

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