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PUBG 10.2 New Update: What Are The Features That Have Improved In This Game?

PUBG 10.2 version update is released! Have you heard about this news? PUBG just got another test server update for all players to attract more and more players! After the PUBG 10.1 update, PUBG latest version is published with a lot of waiting. These patch notes of PUBG 10.2 version will let you know about detailed changes and new features. Notwithstanding some esport-related changes, the game developer also improved and added one more vehicle and a call system!

What are the main improvements in this PUBG 10.2 Version Update?

In this updated version, there are four main changes:

  • Ten In-game live stream screens for PGI, so that players can watch esport tournaments.
  • A brand new vehicle: Coupe RB with high speed on land
  • New reputation with more rules against violated behaviour
  • An improvement of Ranked mode and other mode such as stunt emotes

Live stream screens for esport events

According to the game developers, PUBG Global Invitational esports format can be clearly seen on the huge screens. This will be a great experience because you can watch the best fight for the chicken dinner.

Moreover, you can likewise watch the competition through the lobby. On the off chance that the Live Stream is offline, the PUBG Global Invitational trailers will show instead of that! 10 large screen is constructed everywhere so that you can follow the PUBG Global Invitational 2021 in-game.

But if you don’t find anything interesting in the tournament, you can turn it off by going through Settings> Gameplay> Features.

Livestream about the in game tournament is added
Livestream about the in game tournament is added

The new vehicle with high speed: Coupe RB

PUBG update patch note version 10.2 not only brings great improvement for esport fans, but also adds a new vehicle. Coupe RB is a brand new car! These are some information about this great Coupe RB:

The Max capacity of this car is 2 people, including one driver and one passenger and its Max speed is 150 km/h. Remember, this car only appears in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok.

Coupe RB in the update PUBG patch note version 10.2
Coupe RB in the update PUBG patch note version 10.2

Reputation system is improved to avoid bad behavior!

Reputation will play an important role in PUBG now and then! Game developers need to eliminate bad and rude behavior. The call will show in the team finder. It is based on a level from 0 to 5. But as long as you don’t make any bad actions, behave well, your reputation will gradually rise. Every developer wants their game to have a fair playground for gamers, so that toxic behavior must be eliminated.

What is new about Ranked Mode Update and Stunt Emotes?

PUBG is updating the punishments for leaving the ranked list mode in With the new patch 10.2. So that they can give players a specific situation to leave without punishment.

Players who are still alive and leave within 5 minutes of the plane taking off if the player won’t face any punish if the players are:

  • Lines for team and uses matchmaking to discover different players
  • The airplane at that point takes off with a small team that not meet the standard team: team with under 4 players in Ranked Squad Mode
  • An individual from the player’s prepared team didn’t leave the game before the plane took off.

On the off chance that a player meets all requirements for the leaver punishment waiver by leaving the match, the match will be considered to be non-competitive for that player, which means:

  • No stats are recorded on the Career page.
  • No point is eliminated to their RP.
  • Players won’t face any matchmaking penalties.
  • Players will get all the Pass XP and BP that they would have acquired of course.

Stunt Emotes are improving with new stunts in PUBG 10.2 Version Update

Dirt bike riding in PUBG
Dirt bike riding in PUBG

Have you generally missed a little free-form with the dirt bike in PUBG? With the PUBG 10.2 version, you ought to be glad. You can freely perform 6 stunts so that your enemies will be beaten up!

  • The stunts must be done on the air when the player isn’t going to smash anything. Hold down the left mouse button to start a stunt emotes. Unclick the left mouse button to end this.

The horn has been replaced with the stunt emotes. Do you think this is a good switch? Let’s tell us about your opinion! Hope you have a fun time playing PUBG PC for free. The release of the Haven Map season 10 in PUBG update helps gamers experience a PUBG version that has never been seen before. Remember to follow us to keep up with the PUBG latest news!

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