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All About Game Modes In PUBG Mobile Lite That You Should Know

Game modes in PUBG Mobile Lite game come in various styles. These modes bring different challenges, gameplay mechanics, maps, and matches to you. Since the new update 0.19.0 has come, gamers pay more attention to this version. To optimize your game experience, here’s a short article covering all information about PUBG Mobile Lite game modes.

How many game modes are there in the lite version of PUBG Mobile?

There are different game modes to choose from, for instance, battle royale mode, Arcade mode, and other modes.

PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Royale mode

PUBG Mobile Lite classic mode
PUBG Mobile Lite classic mode

Battle Royale mode is the classic game mode in the lite version. When you pick this mode, you will have a real battle royale experience like the original version. There are two classic maps here: Varenga and Golden Woods. Each of them brings a different terrain with various areas to explore. Also, both of them offer nice dynamics with great graphics.

However, these maps come in some disadvantages to play. The first one is its size which is smaller than maps in PUBG Mobile. The second one is that Golden Woods is not an available map to play anytime. To play on it, you have to get to level 5 to unlock it.

About Arcade mode

Various Arcade modes to play
Various Arcade modes to play

PUBG Mobile Lite offers four to five Arcade modes to players. When you head over to the Arcade mode section, you should take a look at them then choose one to play. They are Arcade Mode, Payload 2.0 Mode, TDM mode, War Mode, and War-RPG.

Although these modes don’t bring real battle royale experiences, they are good choices for players who want to practice their skills. Because you have endless respawns, feel free to get defeated and respawn in the match as much as you want. Take this chance to improve your skills as well as master all the guns.

Other game modes

Zombie Infection game mode
Zombie Infection game mode

The devs of the lite version have just made an announcement on introducing some new game modes a few days ago. Those modes are Infection and Payload 2.0. In these modes, players can try many new vehicles, including a Dacia and an enhanced Buggy. Remember to try some new machine guns as well!

Among the two modes announced, Infection mode is now available. It’s a game mode where players become zombies or defenders then they have to fight one another to bring victory to their team.

When should you choose PUBG Mobile Lite over PUBG Mobile?

Since PUBG Mobile Lite is designed for players with low-end devices, you should choose it instead of playing the full mobile version. Although the lite version offers simplified graphics, fewer weapons, and fewer game modes, it still brings fast-paced gameplay to all gamers to experience.

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