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Follow These PUBG PC Tips and Tricks To Secure Your Wins

PUBG PC Survival Tips will help you outsmart your opponents and give you a chance to survive. As you know, winning in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is no easy. When you reach later stages of the game, you will encounter more skilled killing you in one go. You may find the gameplay interesting. But, there is still a chance for you to get frustrated when someone defeats you. Thus, you need to equip yourself with enough survival PUBG PC tips and tricks to outplay others for your Chicken Dinners.

Survival tips for your PUBG PC experience range from simple to complex. Follow simple tips if you are a noob and do advanced tips if you are a pro.

Equip yourself with PUBG PC tips and tricks to get wins
Equip yourself with PUBG PC tips and tricks to get wins

Survival tips for PUBG PC players to secure their victories

If you are still sad about not having the very first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner yet, these PUBG PC survival tips below will change your mood!

Know the right time and the right location to land for your safety

If you are in a squad play and following a member in the team, don’t follow them if they choose a hot drop area. Trust your gut instinct because no one will help you if you follow them into a dangerous area. Everyone is busy looting items and equipment after landing. If you get shot by someone, then say goodbye to your Chicken Dinner. But, if you are in luck, you may be revived by your teammate.

Here’s the tip for you when it comes to landing locations in PUBG PC. You should pick less-crowded areas. If those areas don’t offer enough weapons and items, visit more buildings, but be careful on your way!

Get ready to loot PUBG items as fast as possible after landing

Loot recommended things to a point where your backpack has enough space for them

When you enter a building, you see there are some items on the ground. Some of them are recommended but some are not. Be sure to pick up the recommended ones but make sure your backpack still has enough space for them. Most of the recommended items are attachments that are suitable for your guns, or stronger guns, and healing items.

You can pick up shotguns if you have not found any stronger weapons yet

You may not like to use a shotgun. However, you should pick it up if you have not found any other guns yet. It may not be the best gun to use, but it helps you to an extent where you can shoot weak enemies. Also, shotguns are the most suitable guns for close-range battles in the beginning of the game. After you have found a new better gun, you can decide to drop the shotgun and use the new one.

Weapons first, then go for healing items

Weapons should be your top priority when it comes to looting in PUBG PC. Pick up any weapons you see on the ground, even though they are weak. Because without weapons, you cannot fight back others. Once you have geared up yourself with weapons, then, go for the healing items to recover your health during the match.

After a certain period of time exploring buildings to loot, you may want to change to new weapons. If you find a strong assault rifle or a sniper rifle, like M416, Beryl M762, AKM, Kar98k, M24, etc., drop the weak guns to make room for those strong guns. PUBG PC weapons are diverse with various types, you may want to try and master them all in your matches.

Master all PUBG weapons to become a pro

Don’t overlook sniper rifles

Assault rifles are useful to help you deal damage, but PUBG PC sniper rifles are also great weapons that help you in long-range battles. When you enter the later stage of the game, the play area is shrunk in size, pushing players closer together. This is when sniper rifles shine! Find a good spot with an enough-safe cover then use your sniper rifle with a suitable scope (2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x) then snipe your opponents from afar. This is how you get PUBG Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Avoiding the first encounter early on is an important PUBG PC survival tip to do

If you are not confident in your shooting abilities, then don’t go for the gunfight! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not a game where gamers collect kills to win. It’s a survival game where only the last man standing wins. Thus, putting all efforts into killing someone while you have no idea that someone else is aiming at you is a bad thing. This PUBG PC tip also applies to the case when you have not picked up anything yet after landing. If someone is in your area, turn away and avoid them.

Be watchful for the Red Zone

Red Zone cannot kill you in one go, but it will heavily injure you if get bombed, which requires your teammates’ attention for your revival. Therefore, you must stay away from the Red Zone. Find a building to shelter and wait until it disappears.

Stay in the safe zone

Safe zone in PUBG PC game is a place where gamers must stay in for their survival. This helps them avoid taking damage from the Blue Zone. However, this place can also become a dangerous zone, albeit being called the safe zone. If you are in the zone already, try to find a good spot with cover, then stay there and wait for a chance to sneak up on others.

Don’t let the Blue Zone chase you

There is a warning on the screen telling you that the Blue Zone is coming. After this warning, open the map to find where the safe zone is, then you must enter the safe zone in time. If you cannot make it there in time, you will take damage from the Blue Zone. So, try to search for a vehicle around you and use it to reach the safe zone quickly.

Survival tips when enemies are around you

When you know someone is around you, quickly find a safe spot to hide if you are not ready for the gunfight. Defense is more important than offense in PUBG PC. Save yourself first then think about strategies with tactics to deal with opponents. Another important tip to do is to find an advantageous shooting position if you want to go for the kill. Everything should be advantageous for you to secure your win!

If you are in a wide-open area without any buildings to hide, you should go prone and make slow movements to reach a certain safe spot or at least to get out of that area before someone spots and shoots you.

PUBG PC tips and tricks for movement

Here are some tips and tricks for your movement in combat in PUBG for PC. You are recommended to follow those tips and tricks if you want to defeat enemies:

  • Take advantage of all positions, from crouch to prone to shoot enemies when you are in close-range battles.
  • Do more styles when moving, like jumping, moving sideways, or even going zigzag.
  • Going zigzag is a good way to move when you are under fire! If you go in a straight line while someone is trying to shoot you, you may take damage. But, for the zigzag movement, it will take enemies longer to shoot you, and you will have time to find a cover.
  • Make use of items like Grenades, Smoke Grenades, and Stuns when you are in a rush! You can blind enemies, blow them up, or create smoke to block their visions and stop them from killing you.
  • Don’t camp at a place for too long, especially when you are in an open wide area. Keep moving, look back, and look around carefully and try to reach a safe spot quickly.
  • To run at a faster speed, you can put your weapon away instead of holding it. You should use this tip when you are running towards the safe zone.
  • If the Blue Zone is chasing you and you are kind of far away from the safe zone, try to find a vehicle! By using a car, you can travel faster and get into the safe zone in time. Also, you can use your car to hit enemies if you don’t want to use your guns.
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