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PUBG Mobile SMG vs Assault Rifle – What Is Your Pick?

PUBG Mobile weapons are divided into various categories. Among them, SMGs (submachine guns) and ARs (assault rifles) are the two most-picked weapon types. You already know that PUBG Mobile game offers epic matches with a wide array of powerful gear to choose from. However, there is still a consideration when it comes to weapon selections between SMGs and ARs. Most gamers want to know which gun is better for them and stronger to use. In this weapon comparison below, you will know which one you should pick!

About PUBG Mobile SMG

Submachine Guns (SMGs) in PUBG Mobile consist of Micro UZI, UMP45, MP5K, Vector, PP-Bizon, and Tommy Gun. These guns are a crossbreed between Assault Rifles and automatic pistols. When you are in a close-range battle, you should choose these SMGs to outplay your opponents because they offer a high fire rate.

SMGs in PUBG Mobile
SMGs in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile SMGs deal a considerable amount of damage. Although these guns can go with scopes and other attachments, they just have small improvements in long-range battles

About Assault Rifles (ARs) in PUBG Mobile

Assault Rifles (ARs) in PUBG Mobile consist of M416, AUG 43, Beryl, G36C, M416, M16A4, AKM, SCAR-L, Mutant, QBZ95, and Groza. They are the most-picked guns in matches and the favorite guns of skilled players. The main reason for the popularity is the sheer flexibility with the consistency that these guns own. In fact, ARs grant accurate shots in medium-range combat and they work effectively in short or long-range encounters.

PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles
PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles

The top part of PUBG Mobile Assault Rifles is that they can deal a lot of damage to the target but are fairly hard to control at the long-range battles with a scope.

A detailed comparison between PUBG Mobile SMG and AR

Actually, it is hard to pick the most suitable guns in these two types of PUBG Mobile weapons. It will be hard to answer which one is better than the other one. Assault Rifles are all reliable guns that can deal large damage at medium to long-range, while Submachine guns excel in short range. Different from SMGs, players using ARs have to shoot more accurately. Thus, you need to practice and be more patient when you choose to use ARs. For the moment, the damage that SMGs deal is lower and its using quality is not for close-range battles much.

In most PUBG Mobile guides and based on the experience of skilled players, SMGs are the guns to use in urban areas and in close-range battles. Besides, you can use ARs at close quarters if you are good at handling them and their recoils.

To sum up, ARs are quite more advantageous than SMGs thanks to their fierce damage and stability. PUBG Mobile ARs will be the better choice for the skilled players who can control the recoils, while the newbies should start with SMGs.

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