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PUBG Mobile Gun Game: What To Do To Beat Your Opponent Team?

All New Team Gun Game Map
All New Team Gun Game Map

PUBG Mobile Gun Game is ready to pit you against enemy teams! The development team does know so well how to baby their fans. They constantly release updates with new exciting content and improved features. In the latest PUBG Mobile 0.19.0, players can play Gun Game – a new game mode in Arena play. In this Gun Game battle, players have completely new gaming experience. Before you play this mode, make sure you know basic information about it!

What is PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode?

PUBG Mobile Team Gun Game Mode is a small gunfight between two teams in a brand new map called Library. The Library is a unique map with a symmetrical layout and three routes for players to attack. You can go from the left, right, and center. Make sure you strategize your moves and know where to go to get an edge over your opponents!

What is PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode?
What is PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode?

When to play Gun Game Mode? The Team Gun Game mode is a time-limited game mode open only three days a week, starting from Friday to Sunday.

Game objective: Whichever team scoring 18 kills first, or any team member that kills an enemy with a pan first will make that team win.

No choosing loadouts first: Since it’s a Gun Game, it’s all about using guns to beat the enemy team! No players pick their own loadouts first for this gunfight, but they start with a basic gun. Every time they kill enemies, they can upgrade their guns to the new ones. There is a total of 18 weapons for you to use! You start with the basic ones and advance to the powerful ones during the course of the gunfight! Take this chance to master all weapons in PUBG Mobile

What should you do to outsmart your opponent team in Gun Game?

PUBG Mobile Gun Game is a fast-paced gunfight. You should search for good spots where you can shoot enemies and kill them while defending yourself from their shots.

Go with your teammates, stick together during the fight, and support each other to get kills! The squad should move together in the Library. Because if you do this, you can protect each other and kill enemies easily. Watch your back, avoid the shots in the front, and don’t let enemy team sneak up on you.

Stay behind cover and watch enemies’ movements carefully or even sneak up on them to secure a kill. You should change the spot because the enemies know where you are when they die. When the pan is in your hand, swing it tactically to beat an enemy to bring victory to your team.

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