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PUBG Mobile APK: Tips To Download And Install To Your Devices

PUBG Mobile is a free survival battle royale game to download and play on Android devices. The game has gained more than 100 million downloads in the world. Downloading PUBG Mobile game is not a hard thing, however, there are still some players who experience errors when they download the game. To avoid having those errors, you can choose to install the title using APK files or OBB files.

About PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG Mobile APK is a battle royale game in which players from around the world must parachute down onto a mysterious island where players must battle against each other for their survival. Surviving until the end is your main objective when you play a classic match. Whoever survives at the end of the match will win the match and is rewarded with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – a unique slogan for the match’s winner!

About PUBG Mobile APK
About PUBG Mobile APK

What should you do when you download PUBG Mobile APK?

Before you get access to PUBG Mobile download, you should explore some tips to have a smooth download and avoid having errors.

  • Check your Internet connection. Make sure it’s stable and no lagging.
  • Check the battery of your phone!
  • Check your phone’s storage space. You can get more information on storage space in the requirements section.
  • Close all the unnecessary tabs on your phone before you download the game. This helps avoid lagging and the download process can go smoothly.

PUBG Mobile free download with APK and OBB files

Rather than downloading this battle royale title directly from the Google Store, you can choose to download it using APK and OBB files. Only Android smartphones are compatible with APK and OBB. Thus, this download method is only for Android devices, while the iOS users must download the game from the Apple App Store.

  1. You have to download PUBG Mobile APK/OBB first.
  2. Visit the File Manager section where you open the Download folder then find the downloaded APK file of PUBG Mobile.
  3. On Android devices, there is a section called Install Apps from Unknown Sources located in Safety and Privacy section in the Settings. Go there to enable it!
  4. You have to copy the APK/OBB file of the game into sections like Internal Storage/SD card, Android, OBB, com.tencent.ig.
  5. Open the app and play it!

PUBG Mobile game requirements for download

Before you download PUBG Mobile APK, make sure you check the size of the APK file.

  • For the APK file, the size is around 53 MB.
  • For the OBB file, the size is around 1.7 GB.
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