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What Is PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode About And How To Conquer It?

About PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode
About PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode

PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode is an outstanding element in the latest PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0. It’s known as a new game mode for two maps: Erangel and Miramar. With this ancient civilization theme, players can experience Ancient matches with events and have chances to unlock great rewards. Are you ready for this ancient adventure? Have a look at it now!

About Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile

Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 brings a unique gameplay mechanic to all players to explore. To launch this mode, you will go into the main menu through the Mode Selection screen. The Ancient Secret mode is playable on only two PUBG Mobile maps, including Erangel and Miramar.

About Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile
About Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile

What will you do in this new mode? Indeed, you also have to loot items and find equipment in buildings to gear up yourself for the battle. However, the main point of the mode is that players must fight against a secretive boss that is sealed in a room sited on the second floor. Some small ruins appear throughout the map randomly. Therefore, feel free to travel through them but be careful! Besides, players also put their knowledge to a test by trying to solve the Ancient Slate puzzle.

Two significant features in PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode

  • Floating Ruins/ Temples
  • Secret Boss Challenge

About floating ruins/temples in this Ancient Secret Mode

Floating ruins or temples are actually hot-drop areas in PUBG Mobile Erangel and Miramar. You can see the icons of floating ruins and temples on the map. When you come to these areas, you will see the temples starting to float in the air after just 5 minutes.

About floating ruins/temples in this Ancient Secret Mode
About floating ruins/temples in this Ancient Secret Mode

You are recommended to come to the temples within the first 5 minutes. Why? This is because the temples will float in the air. Once you enter them, you have chances to loot many items. You don’t have to be scared of falling or losing health. After that, you will use the given parachute to jump off the temple.

Where are these floating temples?

Finding these temples is not hard! They appear at 3 random places in the maps and they are visible as orange tents in the mini-map. Therefore, you need to look at those orange tents to find where the temples are.

Test your merit with PUBG Mobile Ancient Slate puzzles

To get loots from a treasure chest in rooms, you must solve that room’s puzzle. The Ancient Slate puzzles come with four types, including:

  • Lotus puzzle
  • Scarab puzzle
  • Animal puzzle
  • Sphinx puzzle

Beat the mummy boss

When you enter a temple, you will see there is a mummy boss waiting for you there. The mummy boss appears only when you press the “activate” button on two statues on the first floor. Once she has appeared, you must be ready to beat him.

The mummy boss in the PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret mode summons snakes to protect herself. Therefore, you have to defeat those snakes before running out of health. Pick up ammo from the defeated snakes to reload your weapons! To beat the mummy boss, try to aim at her head. A sandstorm will be summoned by her if she is running low on health. This drifts your attention away as she keeps reducing your health. If you manage to kill her, you will get a treasure chest from her and unlock rare weapons like AWM or Groza or the nice Ghillie suit.

Outfits you can unlock in PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Mode

You have a chance to unlock outfits. Therefore, make sure you play Ancient Secret mode inPUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. All new outfits are great, for instance:

  • Golden Pharaoh X-Suit Outfit set
  • Warrior of Ra
  • Warrior of Nut
  • Underworld Guide
  • Mummy costumes
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