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How To Download PUBG PC Lite Game For Free And Why You Should Play It

PUBG PC Lite Download allows all gamers to enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on their low-end PCs. PUBG PC is a trendy battle royal game nowadays. However, it is a paid game and smoothly runs on computers with good configurations. Many players, who are fans of battle royale genre, want to try this game title. Rather than buying it with $14, you can totally play PUBG PC for free via the lite version which is free to download.

PUBG Lite for PC will be a great version that serves all the fans regardless of using any type of PC. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to download PUBG PC Lite for free!

About PUBG Lite for PC

PUBG Lite PC is a lighter version of PUBG PC. Instead of paying 14$ to get a full game on PC, now, gamers can download and install the light version for free. This version is the same as the original title. It’s all about 100 players parachuting down onto a big island where they begin a battle of survival. There can be only one winner at the end of the match. Thus, players must try their best to fight and survive. After landing, you have to loot weapons and items in buildings, gear up yourself, then get ready to shoot others.

PUBG Lite for PC is free to download and install
PUBG Lite for PC is free to download and install

The light version for PC offers other game modes with diverse maps to choose from. Besides playing a solo player, you can also play with a squad. For the team play, you must stick with each other during the course of the match for a chance of winning. The last team with the last members alive will win! Any team or any solo player that survives until the end of the match will get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – a famous tagline for the winners!

What should you do if you want to play PUBG game but you don’t want to buy it? Don’t worry! PUBG PC Lite is here and is completely free to download. You can also download PUBG Mobile on your mobile devices or even play the mobile version on PC using an emulator. There are various emulators for playing PUBG Mobile on PC. Explore them and select the best one for you!

How to download PUBG PC Lite and make an account to play it

Here’s an ultimate guide on how to download PUBG PC Lite and create an account to play it:

  1. Visit the page of PUBG Lite and click the download button to begin the game download process.
  2. After you have done with the game setup, double click on the setup.
  3. You will see the table for choosing a language. Select English then click the OK button.
  4. Click Next then tap the Accept Agreement then click Next.
  5. Choose a location to store the game file. Select Next and click the Install button.
  6. Select Finish!
  7. Launch PUBG Lite on PC and get ready to create an account to play it.
  8. Select the phrase that says “I don’t have an account”
  9. Fill your information, including username and email address, then select the Continue button.
  10. Verify your email after you have registered an account.
  11. Log in PUBG Lite on PC using your created account.
  12. Select the Install button then the download process will start. After that, enjoy the game!

What features does PUBG Lite for PC offer?

Since PUBG PC Lite is for low-end computers, it offers features that are advantageous for gamers who don’t own high-end PCs. PUBG Lite on PC is still a great choice for players who want to enjoy this battle royale title without having to use another better PC.

High-resolution graphics

Although it’s a lite version, PUBG Lite for PC still offers great graphics. You can feel the reality of many details in the game and it brings you a unique experience.

Less storage

With PUBG Lite, you don’t need to have high hard-drive storage to download and install the game. It does not take up much space since the game does not store unnecessary animations.

Nice sound effects

You will love the sound effects of PUBG Lite. All the sounds of gunshots, footsteps of players, explosions, and vehicles are clear to hear.

Enough maps and game modes to play

PUBG Lite for PC offers diverse maps with game modes to players. You can play on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Choose to play as a solo player or with a squad before you enter a match!

Free-to-play gameplay

Different from PUBG PC being a paid game, PUBG Lite PC is a free game. Although it’s a light version, you can still experience the full gameplay like the original version.

PUBG Lite on PC offers enough features, like game modes, weapons, items, maps, and others for players to experience
PUBG Lite on PC offers enough features, like game modes, weapons, items, maps, and others for players to experience

Reasons why you should try PUBG PC Lite game

There are several reasons you should give PUBG PC Lite game a try.

  • It’s a free game to play! The light version of PUBG PC game is a good choice for you if you want to experience it but don’t want to buy it.
  • PUBG Lite for PC offers great graphics and sound effects.
  • You can play with a team or as a solo player.
  • The game features all types of weapons and equipment with great items to use.
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