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Can Players Download PUBG On PC For Free?

PUBG PC Download is always a top-concerned subject that draws the attention of players when it comes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). There are many questions revolving around how to download and play PUBG game on PC. Some kind of wonder if PUBG is a free game to play on PC or not, or it’s a paid game that players have to buy with real money to play. They also want to know if there is any method to download the game for free if it is a paid game title. To uncover all questions in relation to PUBG PC download, read the guide below here!

About PUBG PC Download

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a survival battle royale game which is about players jumping out of an airplane and parachuting down onto a big island. After that, they have to loot items to gear themselves up for the fight. Because everybody is unarmed, picking up items is the first priority that all players must do. Afterward, when you have equipped yourself with enough weapons and items, you will go for the gunfight! The main objective for players is to become the last man standing!

PUBG is a Famous Battle Royale Game With Great Features and Game Modes
PUBG is a Famous Battle Royale Game With Great Features and Game Modes

PUBG PC game comes in various game modes to master, from classic to arena. For the classic mode, there are different maps to choose from, for instance, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. For the arena mode, players can pick their favorite maps to play Team Deathmatches. Besides, PUBG sometimes keep gamers entertained by introducing time-limited events that they can play to increase their ranks.

Is PUBG free on PC?

There are lots of players wondering if PUBG is available on PC for free, and the answer is no. PUBG PC is a paid game, which means you have to pay for it if you want to buy it. However, there is a way you can play the game without spending a dime on it. For more information about this, see the download section below.

Can you play PUBG for free?

Yes! You can completely play PUBG game for free. There are two free versions for you to download and play, for instance, PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Lite. For the mobile version, it works on Android/iOS devices and for the Lite version, it works on lower-end computers.

Does PUBG have an age limit?

There is a digital lock system implemented in PUBG PC. It restricts the users who are under 13 years of age. With the digital lock system, if players are not old enough, they will be locked out of the game. If they want to open it, they will have to seek parental permission.

A guide to download PUBG PC for free

As mentioned above, PUBG PC is not a free game to play, but if you want to get it without spending a cent, you can follow a guide with detailed steps. This guide covers instructions on downloading PUBG through the installer on the PC. Before you download it, make sure you check your Internet data that is required to have 30 GB.

  1. The first thing you do is to download PUBG PC Installer.

Download PUBG PC

  1. After you have done downloading the file, click to run ‘Playerunknowns Battlegrounds – InstallShield Wizard.exe’ to begin PUBG for PC installation.
Run Playerunknowns Battlegrounds InstallShield Wizard.exe
Run Playerunknowns Battlegrounds InstallShield Wizard.exe
  1. Choose a folder to store the installation then select the Install button.
Choose a folder to install game
Choose a folder to install game
  1. PUBG PC game will begin the download process automatically.
The installation process start
The installation process start
  1. There you go! Now, you have completed downloading PUBG PC for free.
PUBG PC download successfully
PUBG PC download successfully
  1. Launch the game on your PC then enjoy it.
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