PUBG PC game is one of the best battle royale games, and there is no denying that the game is gaining more and more popularity in the world with a wide range of updates and patch notes frequently released. The full name of this battle royale title is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – a wonderful game masterpiece from PUBG Corporation.

PUBG PC battle royale was first released on December 20, 2017. Ever since then, the game has introduced updates featuring unique additions, improvements, new content, and other upgraded elements to better gamers experience.

What is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game about?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is all about survival shooting battles between players from around the world. Everyone has to air drop into an open island full of buildings and areas to explore. No one is armed with weapons or equipment beforehand. Players are required to loot and pick up items as they enter buildings or see them on the grounds. After gearing up, players will fight one another until the end of the match. The last man standing wins!

PUBG game works on Unreal Engine 4. It is compatible with platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia.

Gameplay of PUBG PC battle royale

Players from around the world must battle against each other. There are 100 players air dropping onto a map (which is usually Erangel) and from here, they must fight for their survival. The first thing players need to do is to pick up items as well as gear up themselves before they enter any gunfights.

Gameplay of PUBG PC battle royale
Gameplay of PUBG PC battle royale

Every few minutes, the playable area of the map starts to shrink in size. The safe zone is marked by the white circle while the danger zone is marked by the blue. Staying in the blue zone causes players to take damage. Thus, paying attention to the mini-map is required. Throughout the course of the match, bombed areas are highlighted in red, and players are warned a few minutes before the bombed areas appear. PUBG for PC also features airdrops that appear every a few minutes. The plan will fly over lots of parts of the map or it will appear when a player uses a flare gun to summon loot. Airdrop crates contain rare weapons and items for players to loot.

Players earn in-game currency based on their performance at the end of the match. With a good amount of currency, players can buy crates, outfits, skins, and other PUBG items in the shop.

How many versions of PUBG can you play?

In general, there are two main versions of this battle royale game, including PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, with two extra editions called PUBG PC Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite – the lighter versions for weak devices. But when going deeper into the versions of PUBG, the title has two editions in China, including Timi and Lightspeed. Timi edition is made for low-end devices and it does not come with a global edition, while Lightspeed is designed for high-end devices with better graphics and a global edition which players are playing right now.

What game modes are featured in PUBG PC?

PUBG PC game modes are diverse, including classic mode, training mode, custom mode, and Arcade mode.


PUBG Classic
PUBG Classic

The classic mode comes with two types of perspective, including the first-person perspective and third-person perspective. There are three options in this mode:

  • Solos: In the Solo match, you have to play alone yourself trying to kill all other players and survive at the end of the match to win. Use your own tactics with good skills to become the last man standing.
  • Duos: In the Duo match, you will be paired with another player and both of you work as a team to beat other teams to win. Try to become the last ones to win.
  • Squads: In the Squad match, you will be matched with other players and play with them as a team. A squad contains 2, 3, or 4 players. You should stick with your teammates during the match for a chance of winning.

Training mode

Training mode allows players to practice all characteristics of PUBG game. There are 5 to 20 players discovering a map with a 2x2km in size. The characteristics players can improve are driving vehicles in great race tracks of the island, parachute landings, and especially shooting.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Training Mode
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Training Mode


  • Zombies: This game mode was announced at the E3 Twitch stage of 2017, however, it’s still in progress now. In this mode, Zombies have to bite or hit the survivors to win since they cannot collect weapons.
  • War: The War mode features a deathmatch style. Players must fight one another for 30 minutes and will respawn in with a parachute if they get defeated, but respawning is not allowed once the blue zone locks in.
  • Conquest: This mode will be coming soon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


  • Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch is one of the best Arcade modes in which two teams (four players in each team) have to fight one another in a small map to obtain a set target score (number of kills). The first team obtaining the target score first will win the match.

How many maps are there in PUBG on PC?


There are 5 maps featured in PUBG PC, including Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. Miramar and Erangel are the two biggest maps with 8×8 km in size, while Sanhok is known as the smallest map with 4×4 km in size.

Loot areas in Erangel

Loot areas in Miramar

Loot areas in Sanhok

Loot areas in Vikendi

Loot areas in Karakin

Is PUBG PC a free game to play?

For your information, PUBG PC is not a free game to play, which means you have to pay to play it. However, the game is kind of worth the money.

There’s still another way for you to play PUBG game for free. You can download the free version of the game on PC and Mobile. The free edition brings the same graphics, gameplay, and other features to you. Feel free to download PUBG PC Lite, PUBG Mobile APK, and PUBG Mobile Lite to your devices!

Can players play PUBG Mobile on PC?

The answer is YES! Players can play PUBG Mobile on PC for free using emulators. There are various types of emulators free to download and use, including Tencent Gaming Buddy (GameLoop), BlueStacks, Nox Player, LDPlayer, etc. You have to download one of those emulators then follow the instructions to play the game!

Age limit to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

To play PUBG game, make sure you are above 13 years old. The publisher has set the age limit for the game. With the digital lock system featured in the game, anyone under the age of 13 will be locked out. To open the game, those players must ask their guardians or parents.

Best Strategies to play PUBG game

Best Strategies To Play PUBG Game
Best Strategies To Play PUBG Game

Since PUBG is a survival game, you should play it with smart strategies and tactics if you want to win. Below here are some recommended strategies you can follow if you want to outplay other players:

  • Be a hostile but smart player. This means you should know when to attack enemies when to step back to defend yourself.
  • Make use of your time smartly when you do actions, like picking up items, shooting, fighting, etc.
  • Take note of locations with good loot.
  • Dismiss your foliage settings.
  • Know where to land safely.
  • Don’t be afraid of Red Zones! You can avoid them by staying inside buildings.
  • Stay in two-story buildings to sneak on other players and snipe them.

PUBG PC tips for Solo match

When you play a Solo match, you must be more careful than playing with Duo or Squad because a solo player has some blind spots. You need to watch your surroundings when you are in the open field. Open the mini-map to learn how far the blue circle is. You should enter the safe zone as soon as possible. Once you are in the safe zone, quickly find a safe building to stay and wait for chances to shoot other players. Don’t rush to kill if you are not confident! Wait for the right moment to defeat others because the last man standing wins, not the one with the most kills.

Tips for Solo match
Tips for Solo match

PUBG PC tips for Duo/Squad match

For a Duo or Squad match, you are recommended to stick with your teammates during the course of the match. Try to make sure that all angles are safe at all times. Talk to your teammates through voice chat feature to plan strategies and tactics. Stick with your teammates and support each other. When a team member is defeated, run to them to revive them, but be careful when you run because others can defeat you. Don’t forget to use the in-game compass to tell your teammates where and what is happening.

Is PUBG PC still good to play in 2020?

The answer is YES! There is no denying that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC is still a famous battle royale game to play in 2020. This could be because the game continues receiving updates and patch notes from the publisher to better gameplay and game performance. PUBG PC game is a competitor to other battle royale titles, like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc.

Where to buy PUBG Game?

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